This month’s Reach Your Potential Training Spotlight is with Red Bank Regional’s Jack Navitsky who went from football quarterback to defensive stopper on the basketball team


There’s a new culture at Red Bank Regional and Jack Navitsky is a big part of the success in football and boys basketball.  At quarterback, Navitsky guided the Bucs football team to a 5-5 record, one of the most improved teams in the Shore Conference.  He threw for over 1100 yard and 11 TD passes and was also a big threat on the ground.  His role on the basketball team is one of a defensive stopper.  While he isn’t at the center of attention like he is in the fall, he is a big reason that RBR is one of the deepest and most dangerous teams in the Shore Conference.  The success in football and basketball has seen the entire study body come out to support the Bucs.

“We went from having none (fans) my freshman year to packed bleachers this year,” Navitsky said. “I think it comes along with the athletics.  That was our goal to get the athletics to improve and once we got that, the fans came with it and now we’re just on a roll.”

Navitsky has been working out at Reach Your Potential Training since his eighth grade year.  He says the transition to football to basketball in December is a great challenge going from short bursts of speed and strength in football to requiring stamina during basketball season.

“It’s just that character that he brings,” RYPT owner and founder Bobby Smith told SSZ.   “He shows up early, leaves late, doing everything right.  The hard working, dedicated athlete that he is and that’s why this team is having such success right now.”

As soon as basketball season ends, he’ll get in the gym to get ready for his senior season under center for head coach Nick Giglio.    He looks to play college football next fall, but will play both basketball and football for Red Bank Regional next year.



Reach Your Potential Training has become the home of many of the Shore Conference’s top athletes in numerous sports.  A lot of the athletes you see on the highlights on Shore Sports Zone are putting in the hard work in critical training at RYPT to get ready for their season.