Reach Your Potential Training has been the secret weapon of many of the Jersey Shore’s top high school and college athletes.  Now Bobby Smith and Adam Feit are trying to go world wide and help raise money for cancer by getting everyone do to four chin ups

The ALS Ice Bucket Challlenge became a world wide phenomenon that raised an estimated $100 million dollars and had 17 million participants thanks to the power of social media.  Reach Your Potential Training is trying to make their mark by challenging fitness professionals to do four chin ups and raise awareness for cancer.

RYPT owner Bobby Smith and Adam Feit, Director of Sports Performance, have launched Chip Ups 4 Cures, inspired to make their own impact after colleagues in their career battle different forms of cancer.  ““Unfortunately, some close friends of mine in the field of coaching were diagnosed very recently this past year with various types of cancer. I remembered how successful the ice bucket challenge was for ALS awareness so I thought, why couldn’t we do something like that?,” Feit said.  “Chris Kennedy helped launch a campaign that raised over 100 million dollars by dumping buckets of ice water on people. Why not use the power of health and fitness to aid in the awareness and fight against cancer? Hence, #chinups4cures was born.”

“Last year we launched our pink GET RYPT t-shirts for all of our local athletes and parents to purchase,” Smith said.  “100% of the proceeds went to Mary’s Place By The Sea (Ocean Grove); a home built to help women cope with the stress of cancer. When we started talking with the staff, we knew we could’ve done more. We knew that gym owners like us could make a bigger impact if we did it the right way, we just didn’t know how yet.”
Smith and Feit have hit the chin up bar to start the movement and will track the progress of athletes and health professionals across the country.  The RYPT team asks anyone to grab a camera, shoot video of four chin ups, and challenge three people.  The hashtag #chinups4cures will be used on social media and the website has been formed with more details including some of the area charities that RYPT will be supporting as part of this effort.
Watch the video below to see Coach Adam and Coach Bobby explain Chin Ups 4 Cures and we’ll follow the progress of local athletes taking part here on Shore Sports Zone