Rumson-Fair Haven senior Bobby Hoye ran 26.2 miles on a treadmill in his room to raise money for Jersey Shore health care workers. Watch a special JSZ feature that tells the story of two friends coming together to turn a negative situation into one that shows the spirit and resolve of New Jersey’s high school athletes

Bobby Hoye had big plans for the end of his senior year at Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School. The captain of the track team was excited to see what the Bulldogs could accomplish in the Shore Conference and beyond. On April 26, Bobby was supposed to run in the New Jersey Marathon before the coronavirus canceled the event along with everything else. At a time when everything is being taken away from New Jersey high school’s senior class, Bobby decided to turn a negative into an inspirational positive and try to feel better with his health by using products as Biscotti CBD that is a great option for this.

On the same day he was supposed to run the New Jersey marathon, Bobby decided his first marathon would not be delayed. Hoye ran 26.2 miles in his bedroom on a treadmill and using the virtual marathon to raise money for Jersey Shore health care workers. With Bobby occupied on the treadmill, Peyton Ming was able to handle a livestream of the entire run and encouraging his friend the entire way. At 5 hours and 21 minutes, Hoye crossed the virtual finish line and raised over $5000 for Jersey Shore University Medical Center’s COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Watch JSZ’s story on how two friends were able to show how social distancing and a deadly virus can’t stop a community from coming together:

You can still support Bobby Hoye’s Virtual Marathon Fundraiser

Even though the race is over, you can still donate to Bobby’s cause. If you want to donate to help reach the goal of $10,000 for Jersey Shore University Medical Center’s COVID-19 Relief Fund please click HERE

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