The 2014 senior class at Shore Regional High School helps fortify sand dunes at Sea Bright’s beaches.  Watch the story!

SEA BRIGHT — High school graduation is right around the corner and the final days of the 2014 class at Shore Regional are making lasting memories by giving back to the community.  The entire senior class arrived on three buses in Sea Bright on Monday morning to help fortify the sand dunes in the town’s beaches.

The sand dunes are the first line of defense for homes and businesses along the Jersey Shore.  Entirely done by volunteers, the dunes have been rebuilt following the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.  Biomimcry is an environmentally safe method to rebuild dunes.  The Blue Devils seniors were putting biodegradable and sustainable cedar shims to simulate local vegetation around the dunes.  Students were also picking up garbage along the beach as well as placing new signs informing people to stay off the sand dunes.

The entire senior class walked up and down the beaches including members of the Shore Regional state championship baseball team.  Brandon Neyhart, who played tight end for the Blue Devils realized it would be one of the last times that the entire senior class would all be together.  Grace Santi, a field hockey star who has signed to play in the Big Ten for the Michigan State Spartans, was especially grateful to help the cause.  Santi’s home in Oceanport was devastated by Sandy, forcing her entire family to rent in Elberon for nearly 14 months before finally returning home just before Christmas.

The seniors were also working around Oceanport and West Long Branch on cleanup projects.

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