In the last two years this Westfield program has obtained back-to-back state championship wins, both of which were against the Bridgewater-Raritan Panthers. Hank Shapiro, a sophomore quarterback, has been a driving force for Westfield. Although it is uncommon for such a young athlete to be successful at the varsity level, Shapiro certainly has. He’s extended the program’s winning streak by 4 games and last week he had 221 total yards and 4 TDs for the Blue Devils. Shapiro was also named JSZ’s Week 4 Game Ball winner for the Mid-State. However, the rest of the team is well aware that they have a target on their backs. With the streak growing, Westfield hears the noise from the world around them. Coach DeSarno says he does not pressure his team to continue the streak. Instead, this program encourages the love of the game and a desire to achieve a new set of goals this season. Coach DeSarno’s message to his team is clear: Focus on the now, work hard and improve each week, and while its okay to remember the success you have had, also remember that this is a new season filled with opportunities for new success stories.