All this month, Reach Your Potential Training shares with high school football players some great tips on training for the combine drills that college coaches are always looking at.  The RYPT Combine is set for June 12th at 5:30 – watch the video to improve your time in the 40 and sign up!

Reach Your Potential Training is gearing up for its second annual RYPT Football Combine Classic by sharing invaluable tips and coaching for high school football players.  Every Monday, Bobby Smith and Adam Feit will share a combine tip with Shore Sports Zone leading up to the June 12th Combine at Reach Your Potential Training.  This week we feature some great tips and technique on the Bench Press with Coach Adam:

The RYPT Football Combine Classic is the perfect measuring stick for a high school football player on the journey to securing a college football scholarship.  Shore Sports Zone will be at RYPT on June 12th to cover this great event.  Space is limited, so sign up now!

To sign up for the RYPT Football Combine Classic, click HERE

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