As just a sophomore Darell Rogers Jr. quickly rose through the ranks of Matawan basketball. The 16 year old point guard went from  a bench player to one of the Huskies go to scorers this past season. During a morning practice in May for his AAU team Darell suddenly collapsed while running a lay up drill. He suffered a heart attack, thankfully his coaches acted quickly and performed CPR. He was then airlifted to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and eventually to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where he is currently making his recovery. Friends, family, teammates and the Matawan community with the help of Immediate Care of Hazlet banned together to organize “Ball for Life”. The fundraiser was to help spread awareness on getting athletes proper heart screenings before sporting seasons and also raise enough money to help the Rogers family cover his medical expenses. You can donate to his GOFundMe by clicking the link. JSZ’s Nery Rodriguez was there for the event: