Shore Sports Zone sponsor Hit Training is offering a free Sports Performance seminar at its Marlboro facility on November 16th

Free Seminar – Sports Performance 101
Everything you wanted to know about off-season training focused on strength, conditioning, speed and quickness

There is always an off-season. HIT Training’s sports performance program specializes in getting middle school and high school athletes stronger, faster and ready for next season.
Join Coach Collis Spann as he discusses his experience preparing athletes from the youth to professional levels. This FREE one-hour seminar – aimed at parents and their middle and high school athletes – will discuss the following keys to success:
Training philosophy – at what age can you start resistance training?
⦁ Importance of learning proper technique and form
⦁ Explore the mental aspect of physical training (reinforcing discipline, work ethic, etc.)
⦁ How strength training can reduce the potential for injury
⦁ Mindset – how off-season training builds confidence and provides an athletic edge





Learn From the Best
Collis is a graduate of Hofstra University and earned his Masters of Science in Exercise Science & Health Promotion, with a concentration on Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention from California University of Pennsylvania. As a fitness professional since 2009, Collis has earned a variety of certifications to enhance his personal training and strength coaching skills.
Free Seminar – November 16 at 7:00 PM
The one-hour seminar will be held at HIT Training, located in Marlboro on Vanderburg Road. The seminar will also include a tour of our facility and equipment.
Bring a Friend!
For more information and to reserve your spot, call or email at
94 Vanderburg Road – Marlboro, NJ – 732-395-9997 –