All Access Pass

Question: Do I need a subscription to vote for Top Plays and weekly Game Balls?

No. Voting is  free! Anyone can go to our website www.jerseysportszone.com or JSZ app and cast their vote for plays of the week and game balls year-round. In addition, our “Plays of the Year” voting is also free.

Question: How do I Login into my account?

Easy.  Click Here

Question: Who do I contact if I forget my Username or Password?

Actually, you don't have to contact anyone. There is a link under the Log In button
"Lost your password?"...click on that. (see below)

Question: Are family members permitted to use my Username and Password?

Yes. You may share your log in information with up to two additional members.  (3 total). Once this total is reached with active logins, all others will be blocked. Once the limit is reached. Users need to wait for the old login sessions to expire

Question: What happens at the end of one year in terms of renewal?

A year goes by fast! No worries if you forget, near the end of your subscription, you will be contacted twice within a two-week period that your subscription will soon auto-renew. You may decide then if you’d like to continue to have “All-Access.”

Question: What if I only want to see the football videos and don’t want the others. Is there a football-only version of the subscription?

Your subscription gives you  All-Access for the full year. In fact, you get nine sports for the cost of one. We hope you’ll enjoy watching other sports and athletes that deserve attention too.

Question: Do you keep my credit card information?

No! We do not keep personal information on file. Your credit card information channels to a secure site for processing.

Question: Is my credit card and personal information secure on your site?

Yes. Your credit card information is safe and transferred to a secure site.

Question: Why is JSZ going to a subscription model?

Because we’re worth it! By subscribing, you get “all access” to the best seat in the house to watch same day highlights of NJ high school sports. In addition, this new model allows us to expand and meet demand to cover more schools, more games and more amazing athletes.