The Crusaders reign supreme.

In front of a capacity home crowd in Oradell, Bergen Catholic’s wrestling team defeated Blair Academy, 33-19, in the finale of The Who’s #1 Duals, cementing the Crusaders easily as the top high school wrestling team in the United States. Flowrestling had Blair Academy ranked #1 nationally and Bergen Catholic ranked #2 nationally coming into the day. Bergen Catholic was powered to victory over the Bucs by a pair of pins — Dylan Weaver (126) at 1:32 in the first period and Christopher Foca (170) at 5:35 in the 3rd period. The Crusaders won nine out of 14 bouts during the match. BC’s head coach Dave Bell said it was his first win against Blair in 19 years at Bergen Catholic. The Crusaders also defeated #7 Buchanan (California), 34-24, and #6 Lake Highland Prep (Florida), 41-22, earlier in the day. 

Watch the highlights and post-match reaction from JSZ’s Jay Cook:

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Here’s the bout-by-bout breakdown of each of the six bouts from Saturday’s action. 

Final Results

1) Bergen Catholic (NJ)

2) Blair Academy (NJ)

3) Buchanan (CA)

4) Lake Highland Prep (FL)

Round 3

#2 Bergen Catholic (NJ) 33, #1 Blair (NJ) 19

126 Dylan Weaver (Bergen Catholic) F Chris Cannon (Blair), 1:32

132 Travis Mastrogiovanni (Blair) DEC Carmen Ferrante (Bergen Catholic), 6-4

138 Mike Madara (Blair) DEC Joseph Zargo (Bergen Catholic), 6-3

145 Wade Unger (Bergen Catholic) DEC Malcolm Robinson (Blair), 3-0

152 Willy Kaiser (Blair) DEC Gerard Angelo (Bergen Catholic), 4-3

160 Shane Griffith (Bergen Catholic) DEC Andrew Merola (Blair), 5-2

170 Christopher Foca (Bergen Catholic) F Julian Ramirez (Blair), 5:35

182 Jacob Cardendas (Bergen Catholic) DEC Leo Tarantino (Blair), 6-0

195 Josh Mckenzie (Bergen Catholic) DEC Peyton Craft (Blair), 5-2

220 Owen Trephan (Blair) MD Sage Mosco (Bergen Catholic), 10-2

285 John High (Bergen Catholic) DEC Kraig Correll (Blair), 7-2

106 Nick Kayal (Bergen Catholic) DEC Ryan Miller (Blair), 1-1 UTB

113 Trevor Mastrogiovanni (Blair) F Enrique Sanchez (Bergen Catholic), 2:36

120 Robert Howard (Bergen Catholic) DEC Mike Coliaocco (Blair), 4-3

#7 Buchanan (CA) 30, #6 Lake Highland Prep (FL) 27

126 George Ruiz (Buchanan) F Vincent Menozzi (Lake Highland Prep), 5:05

132 Joe Silva (Lake Highland Prep) TF Ethan Leake (Buchanan), 22-7 5:44

138 Matthew Olguin (Buchanan) DEC Noah Castillo (Lake Highland Prep), 3-2

145 Kai Bele (Lake Highland Prep) MD Chris Gaxiola (Buchanan), 12-4

152 Tristan Zamilpa (Buchanan) DEC Cameron Monzadeh (Lake Highland Prep), 5-0

160 Erich Byelick (Lake Highland Prep) DEC Joel Romero (Buchanan), 8-4

170 Jadon Martin (Buchanan) DEC Max Cosmides (Lake Highland Prep), 5-1

182 Anthony Montalvo (Buchanan) F Logan Andrew (Lake Highland Prep), 2:47

220 Ben Goldin (Lake Highland Prep) DEC Trevor Ervin (Buchanan), 2-1

285 Curtis Ruff (Lake Highland Prep) DEC Naishawn Duchett (Buchanan), 6-4

106 Hunter Leake (Buchanan) DEC Jake Wohltman (Lake Highland Prep), 8-2

113 Nic Bouzakis (Lake Highland Prep) F Maximo Renteria (Buchanan), 3:08

120 Ryan Chauvin (Lake Highland Prep) DEC Logan Gioffre (Buchanan), 5-1

Round 2

#1 Blair (NJ) 49, #7 Buchanan (CA) 9

120 Mike Coliaocco (Blair) TF Logan Gioffre (Buchanan), 20-4 6:25

126 Chris Cannon (Blair) F George Ruiz (Buchanan), 5:21

132 Travis Mastrogiovanni (Blair) DEC Ethan Leake (Buchanan), 9-8

138 Matthew Olguin (Buchanan) DEC Malcolm Robinson (Blair), 4-2

145 Chris Gaxiola (Buchanan) DEC Nick Incontrera (Blair), 6-3

152 Willy Kaiser (Blair) MD Tristan Zamilpa (Buchanan), 8-0

160 Andrew Merola (Blair) DEC Joel Romero (Buchanan), 9-3

170 Julian Ramirez (Blair) F Jadon Martin (Buchanan), 0:23

182 Anthony Montalvo (Buchanan) DEC Leo Tarantino (Blair), 9-3

195 Peyton Craft (Blair) F Jalen Peralta (Buchanan), 1:43

220 Owen Trephan (Blair) DEC Trevor Ervin (Buchanan), 9-4

285 Kraig Correll (Blair) F Naishawn Duchett (Buchanan), 4:36

106 Ryan Miller (Blair) MD Hunter Leake (Buchanan), 10-1

113 Trevor Mastrogiovanni (Blair) DEC Maximo Renteria (Buchanan), 4-2

#2 Bergen Catholic (NJ) 41, #6 Lake Highland Prep (FL) 22

120 Robert Howard (Bergen Catholic) MD Ryan Chauvin (Lake Highland Prep), 10-2

126 Dylan Weaver (Bergen Catholic) DEC Vincent Menozzi (Lake Highland Prep), 6-0

132 Joe Silva (Lake Highland Prep) MD Carmen Ferrante (Bergen Catholic), 21-9

138 Noah Castillo (Lake Highland Prep) DEC Joseph Zargo (Bergen Catholic), 4-3

145 Kai Bele (Lake Highland Prep) F Sal Mainiero (Bergen Catholic), 3:13

152 Tony Asatrian (Bergen Catholic) DEC Cameron Monzadeh (Lake Highland Prep), 7-2

160 Shane Griffith (Bergen Catholic) DEC Erich Byelick (Lake Highland Prep), 9-3

170 Christopher Foca (Bergen Catholic) MD Max Cosmides (Lake Highland Prep), 10-2

182 Josh Mckenzie (Bergen Catholic) F Logan Andrew (Lake Highland Prep), 4:28

220 Ben Goldin (Lake Highland Prep) F Gabe Mendez (Bergen Catholic), 0:54

285 Curtis Ruff (Lake Highland Prep) DEC John High (Bergen Catholic), 3-2

106 Nick Kayal (Bergen Catholic) F Jake Wohltman (Lake Highland Prep), 1:36

Round 1

#1 Blair (NJ) 45, #6 Lake Highland Prep (FL) 13

113 Trevor Mastrogiovanni (Blair) F Nic Bouzakis (Lake Highland Prep), 4:42

120 Mike Coliaocco (Blair) TF Ryan Chauvin (Lake Highland Prep), 19-4 4:48

126 Chris Cannon (Blair) MD Vincent Menozzi (Lake Highland Prep), 16-3

132 Joe Silva (Lake Highland Prep) DEC Travis Mastrogiovanni (Blair), 12-7

138 Malcolm Robinson (Blair) DEC Noah Castillo (Lake Highland Prep), 5-2

145 Kai Bele (Lake Highland Prep) DEC Mike Madara (Blair), 6-2

152 Willy Kaiser (Blair) F Cameron Monzadeh (Lake Highland Prep), 2:34

160 Andrew Merola (Blair) DEC Erich Byelick (Lake Highland Prep), 6-2

170 Julian Ramirez (Blair) F Max Cosmides (Lake Highland Prep), 3:27

182 Leo Tarantino (Blair) DEC Logan Andrew (Lake Highland Prep), 7-1

220 Ben Goldin (Lake Highland Prep) DEC Owen Trephan (Blair), 3-2 TB2

285 Curtis Ruff (Lake Highland Prep) MD Kraig Correll (Blair), 11-2

106 Ryan Miller (Blair) DEC Jake Wohltman (Lake Highland Prep), 8-2

#2 Bergen Catholic (NJ) 34, #7 Buchanan (CA) 24

113 Maximo Renteria (Buchanan) F Kelly Dunnigan (Bergen Catholic), 3:45

120 Robert Howard (Bergen Catholic) TF Logan Gioffre (Buchanan), 21-3 4:30

126 Dylan Weaver (Bergen Catholic) MD George Ruiz (Buchanan), 17-3

132 Carmen Ferrante (Bergen Catholic) DEC Ethan Leake (Buchanan), 5-3 SV

138 Matthew Olguin (Buchanan) F Sal Mainiero (Bergen Catholic), 0:25

145 Chris Gaxiola (Buchanan) DEC Wade Unger (Bergen Catholic), 4-3

152 Tristan Zamilpa (Buchanan) DEC Gerard Angelo (Bergen Catholic), 4-3

160 Shane Griffith (Bergen Catholic) MD Joel Romero (Buchanan), 9-1

170 Christopher Foca (Bergen Catholic) DEC Jadon Martin (Buchanan), 8-3

182 Anthony Montalvo (Buchanan) DEC Jacob Cardendas (Bergen Catholic), 5-2 TB2

195 Josh Mckenzie (Bergen Catholic) F Jalen Peralta (Buchanan), 1:05

220 Trevor Ervin (Buchanan) DEC Sage Mosco (Bergen Catholic), 3-2

285 John High (Bergen Catholic) F Naishawn Duchett (Buchanan), 5:13

106 Nick Kayal (Bergen Catholic) DEC Hunter Leake (Buchanan), 4-0