Advertise on Specific School Pages for $3,000/yr

  • Exposure to high school-aged consumers, parents, coaches, teachers, grandparents, etc. 
  • Prominent logo placement on the JSZ high school team page
  • Lead in :03 to:05 second ad/logo (with voiceover) for game highlights of nine sports:
    • Football
    • Hockey
    • Soccer (B/G)
    • Baseball
    • Field Hockey
    • Softball
    • Basketball (B/G)
    • Lacrosse (B/G)
    • Wrestling
  • Year-round JSZ website exposure with link to your site
  • Signage and tickets to all JSZ annual banquets
  • Social media content with sharing
  • New opportunities to create your own promotions
  • Ability to sell more products or services
  • Priceless goodwill for supporting your community

Want More?

Regional Advertising

Compose a list of schools, or advertise on one of four regions. Either way, our mobile app will supplement your exposure.


Game Ball Advertising

Structured around five sports, our regional JSZ Game Ball awards are by far the most popular contest we run each week, providing high school media exposure as well.


Specific Sports Advertising

Support a favorite sport or reach a niche audience such as girls soccer, boys lacrosse, or wrestling. Multiple sports packages are possible too.


Statewide Advertising

Join our elite team, and receive tremendous statewide exposure through many avenues…like push notifications to consumers on our mobile app to increase sales. And be part of the Advisory Committee that will help select the JSZ scholarship winners.