Naim Mayfield’s electrifying punt return is one of 8 nominees for Top Play from Week 5.  We also have Central’s Mike Bickford and Freehold Boro’s Ashante Worthy up for Top Performer after both stars found the end zone 7 times!  Voting stays open through Tuesday at 3:00 pm

A word about voting

We are grateful to the thousands of votes every week we get for Game Balls.  There are many people who get upset with the voting process so we have changed to new voting software with the hopes of limiting any potential problems with multiple votes coming from one specific computer.

What’s new?

You can continue to vote multiple times through Tuesday at 3:00 pm, but now there’s a limit on the number of votes that can come from one IP address.   What this does is prevent one computer to vote 5,000 times for one player.  You can still vote many times and you will be locked out of the poll when you reach our limit, but your votes will still count.  We hope that this still allows thousands of votes to come in and temper the accusations that people are cheating or that our polls are “fixed” (Of course they are not!!!)

The best way to win the voting?

Spread the word!  Get as many people on your social media to spread the word and vote.  Often times, schools can make an announcement to encourage voting which results in spikes and surges from nominees.  We love the passion of our audience and want to make Game Balls a fun experience.  We love going to practices to hand out Game Balls all year long and hope that the new changes will make things as fair as possible.  Now on to another great batch of nominees!

Another awesome week!

We’re always proud to show our Top Plays as they showcase the incredible talent in the Shore Conference.  We’ve got eight nominees for Top Play and some eye popping numbers highlight our eight Top Performer nominees.  Watch the Top Plays and cast your vote below:

[totalpoll id=”9526″]

[totalpoll id=”9527″]

Missed our Highlights Shows?

Watch eleven games of Week Five action including six teams reaching the 5-0 mark and the Lakewood Piners getting to 4-0:


Monmouth Building Center supports athletes all across the Jersey Shore with Game Balls in fall, winter and spring.  Thanks to their support, we are able to honor so many great male and female athletes all year round!